Monday, December 5, 2011

Proof of immortal soul


Good news: Frankenstein will never come to life.

All experiments to create life from scratch have failed and will fail forever: why?
Life is sustained by a spiritual organizing force we call soul (anima in latin).

There are 3 types of animation: vegetal, animal and rational. Only the latter is immortal.

We know it exists because of its attributes different from the animals (freedom of will, rational intelligence, personal memory, concience).

The immortality of the human soul is proven by the overwhelming scientific evidence related to “near death” out-of-body experiences, everywhere in the world:

"there are excellent scientific studies of near death experiences which indicate the survival of human self-consciousness after bodily death – E.G., in the prestigious British medical journal, "The Lancet," (see van Lommel, MD, van Wees, Ruud; Meyers, Vincent; and Elfferich, Ingrid. 2001. "Near-Death Experience in Survivors of Cardiac Arrest: A Prospective Study in the Netherlands." The Lancet. Vol. 358, Issue 9298, pp. 2039-2045)."

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Among many NDEs, this is an example of how current definition of death could result in killing the donor for organ-harvesting: 

Hypnosis and hypnotic-type drugs open a door (which should be kept shut to avoid satanic influence) which showed access to a "memory" of other lives and languages. This should not be interpreted as a proof of reincarnation but that we share a same spiritual origin and heritage.

Also, the scientific evidence for the Catholic religion indirectly proves the immortal soul:

By the way, life comes from life... in an uninterrupted chain which leads to the first life form of each species... to the Creator of Life. Genetic evidence shows all humans descend from a single mitochondrial Eve and a single Y-chromosomal Adam and the same applies to all species. And yes, there is no scientific evidence of homo sapiens sapiens after a few thousand years ago (n.b. mummies and temples).

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