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Scientific proof of religion (God, the soul, Jesus, Catholic Church)


Is it possible to scientifically prove that there is a true religion?

It happened in Honduras (2006) and was covered by the local press with dozens of witnesses.

That was just an advance of the scientific proofs at bottom but before that, please follow the following 3 steps. There is a strong scientific reason behind them.

Step 1If you believe man-made images are idolatry, please don't destroy the images of your dollar bills, family pictures, or national heroes, and please watch the scientific section below on images not made by human hands, which show that there's a big difference between idols and images.

Even if you don't believe in Jesus, please watch the image (right) and say "Jesus, I trust in You" three times. 

Believe or not, something spiritual will happen to you. By trying it, you'll discover that there is a real dimension that some scientists are overlooking.
Nothing to loose and everything to win. It will help to open your heart and mind to the scientific proofs.

Some people are "opened"  to the weirdest things  (horoscope, tarot, ouija, spiritism, hypnosis, role games, satanic rock and other satanic activities). Why not this? What are they fearing to discover? That Jesus is real? That He wants you happy?

If you refuse, you are a living proof that there are invisible forces acting within you. Answer honestly: why are you afraid of doing it?...  So please, before moving on, don't be a coward: watch the image above and say three times in your heart "Jesus, I trust in You".

Step 2. Please read this with an open heart:

Dear God, 
if through the Holy Spirit and the Word, You are the Creator of everything, since nothing comes out of nothingness, 
if You sent your Son, the Word incarnate, Jesus Christ, conceived by the Holy Spirit in the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God, to save us from eternal damnation, by paying the debt of my sin at the Cross and opening the gates of heaven shut by Adam's original sin,
I give you my heart for ever and, asking your protection, I consecrate myself and my family to the Heart of the Holy Family (Jesus, Mary and Joseph) of the Holy Trinity (God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit).
Please help me be humble enough to follow the Truth and understand what is God’s Will for me. Amen.

Step 3. Removing biases

This moving story explains Christianity (and the Mass) in 5 minutes:

Christianity is not about repression but liberation. Only "Truth will set you free" (Jn 8,32).
Faith is not the lack of science. True science leads to faith and vice versa. Nearly all  major scientific discoveries came from men of faith (Galileo, Copernicus, Descartes, Mendel, Pasteur, Curie, etc.).

Did you know that miracles are not exceptions to the laws of the physical world but actually the current physical laws are the exceptions to what was originally designed in paradise: the material world subjected to the spirit?

Did you know that the Catholic Church is the only one which can provide scientific evidence to miracles? (others, such as Satanists, can provide evidence of the supernatural, but not miracles for the salvation of souls).

Did you know that all “miracles” point in the direction of the Catholic Church, even if they occur in other religions. For instance, the stigmatic protestant Adrienne von Speyer and the orthodox Myrna Nazourobviously converted to the true religion.

Did you know that we only have this life to gain as much heaven as we could enjoy for eternity or as much hell as we could endure for ever, for ever, for ever?

May the Queen of the universe help you open your spiritual eyes of faith to real Love, Jesus.


Incorruptible bodies of Saints

There are over 300 incorruptible bodies and organs of saints. Even the eye bulbs and intestines are intact, even after 130 years like this one of Saint Bernadette, the seer of Our Lady of Lourdes.

This ONLY happens with saints in the Catholic Church: compare that to an Egyptian mummy!

There are also incorruptible separate organs without any preservation agents like the Heart of Saint Orione in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Atheistic ET design vs God's design... who wins?

Watch this and enjoy the magnificent music:
Science has no doubt about intelligent design. Atheists only question who the intelligent designer is!
Check this EXCELLENT documentary that debunks evolution theory:

You should ask an atheist who designed their designer. They assume an ET designer even if radio-telescopes proved the is no material ET intelligence and that the Word of God proves only angels have intelligence, apart from man. Evolution through chance is the atheist creed, not real science!

Proof of the immortal soul

Indestructible images not made by hands

Holy Shroud of Turin
Dated through polen to 1st century AC and located in Palestine, the image is a negative in 3D created by radiation which contains a hidden death certificate, coins of the 1st century, etc.).

Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe 
Image not painted by brushes, images in iris 3D, resisted a bomb blast.
and many others

Miraculous images

Moving images

The apparition of Fatima had thousands of witnesses including atheists.

Miracles by Saints

For every canonized saint there must be at least 2 scientifically unexplicable miracles: over 2000 miracles in the last decades with clinical records, scientific objective data, etc.


Saints willingly accept the supernatural wounds of Christ for the atonement of our sins.
Science proved not self inflicted.

Current stigmatist watched by 30 million through Fox Network:

Satanic possesion

Only the Catholic Church has the power to exorcise daemons.

As Christian documents from the first centuries after Christ explain, Catholics believe that the bread and wine consecrated with the proper words by a priest belonging to the apostolic succession (an unbroken chain of imposition of hands reaching to Christ) turns into the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus. Not a symbol: Jesus is really present hidden under the species of bread and wine. 

Over 300 miracles showed where the "bread" bleeds or beats like a heart. All with the same blood type, even as far as a thousand years ago in Lanciano... blood groups were discovered in the 19th century: impossible to fake that!

John 6,53 (please READ slowly the whole chapter):

Jesus said to them, "Amen, amen, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you do not have life within you.

The only way to have spiritual life, is through communion in the Catholic Church.

Watch this:

Transcription of video:

Now I’ll start a very interesting topic which I’ll surely deeply explain.  I was called by the Cardinal of Buenos Aires. I must say that the Church (after so many years of work) appreciate my investigations.  So I was called because in Buenos Aires there is a new trend that certain people have the communion in their hand.

Somebody dropped the Host and since the Host was dirty he didn’t want to pick it up.  Consecrated!!!!  Someone told the priest and he picked it up; put it in a water dish and let it sit in water so that it could dissolve and after it dissolved he planned to water a plant with it.

After 5 or 6 days of being in the Tabernacle, he opened the Tabernacle and noticed that instead of being dissolved it had some red stains.  Later, in different shapes they noted that the stains grew in the following days.  That is when they invited me to take a sample and find out what was happening.

 I traveled several times and got two samples.  One of them is like gelatin.  I have told you about one Host, but the same occurred to another Host.  There were two of them.  That I must analyze one of them is this one and the other one happened in 1996 and become a dry scab.

I went to some labs in California, USA to take these samples.  I did not tell them that they came from a Host.  Blind tests consist in giving the samples to the laboratist but not telling them where they come from.

What were the results, Dr.?
“The sample that you have brought us is the muscle from the heart, muscle from the myochard of the left ventricle,”

That was the first result but there are many things to discover.  We’ve been working on these studies since 1999.  But a couple of months ago we discovered that there was this great expert in cardiology, pathology and biochemistry.  He’s the only professor who has written a book on how to forecast how a person died when he was wounded.  He is a very famous professor, Dr. Frederick Zugibe.

We gave him the samples and he said: “The person who had this heart must have been very wounded because in his heart it shows that he must have been very beat up. He was tortured.”
He didn’t know this was a Host.  Then what happened is that he said:

“But there is something you need to explain.  How is it possible that while I was studying this sample, the sample was moving?  It was beating?”  So you explain to me how did you take out the heart of a dead man and took it alive to me to my New York lab?”

“Professor Zugibe, this is not what you think.  This is a consecrated Host that started bleeding.”  Imagine! He’s hairier than I am and he almost pulled out his hair.  Imagine me telling a person that from a piece of wheat turned into blood, coagulated and became heart tissue.  But it doesn’t end there since he asked us how it was possible that it is alive.  I have been studying this sample since 1999.  It has been more than 5 years that I have had this sample.  So I went to the lab in Buenos Aires.  I looked for the documents of the first studies done in Buenos Aires and the lab tech that had done the first studies wrote:
“Some liquids are observed like red blood cells, white blood cells, hemoglobin.  What calls my attention is that the cells are moving and beating.”
At that time some days had gone by already.  After 15 minutes the blood cells die.  So I get attracted to the heart topic and found out that in Lanciano, a town located at the south of Italy.  A priest that was celebrating Mass doubted if Jesus was present in the Eucharist.  He doubted and the moment he doubted, the Host became blood, it became blood and coagulated.  It turned into a piece of meat.  If you travel to Lanciano you can see it.  I see that some of you have already seen it.  The wine turned into 5 clots. These are 5 blood clots, blood that looks like cotton.  But the 5 of them have different sizes but weight the same.

The Episcopal conference of Italy invited in the 1970s  (This happened in the VIII century, but they kept it.), they invited professor Dr. Linolli, who is an expert in biochemistry and pathology to study it.  Dr. Linolli told us that it is muscle from the heart just like the sample I have.  So the sample I have from the 1990s from Buenos Aires is the same as this one in Lanciano and belongs to the same person.

What do you think?

I won’t tell you the rest, because then you won’t buy my book.  I am kidding.  I haven’t brought the book that talks about that.  So here we are talking about what I believe is extraordinary proof.

Can I prove that Jesus Christ is present in the Eucharist?  The Lord says something mystical: “I make miracles for the blind and the deaf, but I would love not to make any miracles and that you would believe because of Faith.” I am no one to say these are the proofs, but I just want to put on the table the results of my research so that you can meditate on it and come up with your own conclusions.  I cannot explain myself that statues exude, why these walls don’t exude, why only the sacred Images?  So I think you need to meditate.  What is the Lord trying to tell us by means of these signs?

Later in time I realized that in the XIII Century, another priest in Orvieto, Italy, doubted Christ being present in the Eucharist, and while he was doubting if Christ was present of not, the corporal he was wearing filled with blood.  But something interesting happened there, because the blood dripped on the altar and the blood fell to the floor, and if you go and see it you can see how the blood penetrated the marble floors.  So blood comes out, drips and penetrates.   Because of this experience in the XIII Century, Pope Urbano (who was close to Orvieto) traveled to see the miracle.  Urban IV asked St. Thomas Aquinas to write and celebrate the Mass and ritual to establish the feast of Corpus Christi and its Celebration.  So, you must know that the Corpus Christi Feast was born from a Eucharistic Miracle.

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